Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Unlock the Potential of your Organisation’s Diversity

Unlock diversity: Cultivating cultural intelligence

Spark innovation, improve communication, and accomplish organisational goals by developing cultural intelligence (CQ) across your team.

Australia is one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries. Over 30% of our population were born overseas and almost 50% have one parent who immigrated. Is your organisation tapping into the power of that diversity? This course will help you plan, ideate and communicate—both internally and externally—for increased understanding, inclusion, open-mindedness, and connection. Through real case studies, you will apply cultural intelligence concepts to improve collaboration, build strong relationships, and interrogate biases. Ideal for all staff and leaders, this set of interpersonal knowledge and skills will give your organisation a progressive, dynamic edge.

  • What is covered in the course?

    • What constitutes culture, and how does it shape us?
    • What is cultural intelligence and how does it differ from cross-cultural competence?
    • How does cultural intelligence predict and improve performance in multicultural settings?
    • How is it connected to emotional intelligence (EQ)?
    • What can I learn from evaluating my world views?
    • What is a research-based framework for articulating cultural difference?
    • How can I use and transfer CQ across my organisation?
    • How is CQ helpful in conflict resolution?
  • Should I attend?

    This insightful and highly engaging course is useful for businesses and government organisations which aim at offering their staff and leaders a professional development opportunity on how to manage cultural diversity with success and confidence.

  • How will I benefit?

    Developing your cultural intelligence will have direct positive impacts both professionally and personally.

    You will:

    • elevate collaborations with customers and colleagues from culturally diverse backgrounds;
    • experience increased critical and creative thinking skills; and
    • feel more confident stepping outside your comfort zone.

  • How will my organisation benefit?

    You will witness the development of confident, inclusive, open-minded, innovative and creative staff members. Your staff will be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders, adapt to culturally diverse situation easily and have increased ability to make better decisions for the benefit of your organisation.

    Need customised training for your organisation?

    Contact our team to discuss customising this course to meet your needs.


  • AQF Equivalence, Articulation Pathways CPD Points and Certification

    • You will receive a soft copy University of Adelaide Certificate of Completion.
    • This PACE course may contribute to earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points or credit. Many professional associations accredit CPD at a standard rate of 1 hour of professional development / learning = 1 CPD point. This should be used as a guide only and confirmation should be sought from your accrediting body prior to registration in any PACE course or program.

What will I receive as part of this course?

  • Printed course book and materials (PDF copy for tablet on request)
  • Certificate of Completion and training record
  • Refreshments during the day, including a light lunch on full day courses

What should I bring to the course?

Our courses are designed to be work-related and interactive. Please bring current workplace examples related to this topic for use on the day.

What further development can I do?

We recommend Leading and Managing People or Results Driven Coaching.

Available course dates:

No dates for this course are currently being offered. Please register your interest for future dates by emailing