Introduction to Chinese

This course is designed for beginners of the Chinese language.

The course will provide you with very basic communicative skills and cultural awareness. The pace of delivery of material is non-intensive and designed for the adult learner.

  • What is covered in the course?

    • Develop knowledge in simple, yet useful, phrases and vocabulary in a select range of situations.
    • A fundamental socio-cultural understanding.
    • Basic listening, reading and speech production skills, with simple spoken interaction.
  • Should I attend?

    The course is delivered by experienced adult educators and the teaching style is interactive, giving you the opportunity to learn with, and from, others.

    You are expected to spend an equal amount of time on individual study between sessions.

  • How will I benefit?

    Learning another language doesn't only open the door to different cultures but is also a great way of giving your brain a boost!

    Practising a language requires considerable mental gymnastics between the numerous areas of the brain. The brain benefits from these exercises: research has shown, people who are multilingual seem to be more adept at finding the correct responses, at multi-tasking, at focusing on the crux of the issue, even in complex situations. Research indicates that knowing and using two languages reduces your chances of developing dementia, including Alzheimer's disease and can improve memory and slow age-related decline in mental activity.

  • AQF Equivalence, Articulation Pathways CPD Points and Certification

    • Upon successful completion of the course, and meeting attendance requirements, you will receive a hard copy University of Adelaide Certificate of Completion OR
    • This is not an award course. However, there are some institutions that may recognise this course as a unit of study. Students should check with the institution concerned regarding recognition.
    • This PACE course may contribute to earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points or credit. Many professional associations accredit CPD at a standard rate of 1 hour of professional development / learning=1 CPD point. This should be used as a guide only and confirmation should be sought from your accrediting body prior to registration in any PACE course or program.

Available course dates:

No dates for this course are currently being offered. Please register your interest for future dates by emailing