HeartWise Leadership - Integrating IQ (Head) and EQ (Heart)

Become a strong and effective leader by inspiring trust and empathy, managing attention, and building strong relationships.

  • Use mindfulness to direct your attention.
  • Access your internal wise advocate for decision-making.
  • Tune into the intelligence of the heart.
  • Attend to the emotional and mental state of others.
  • Create psychologically safe environments that enhance trust.
  • Build trusting relationships.
  • Build positive relational energy to inspire, engage and motivate your teams.
  • Lead from a heart-centred space in combination with a strategic head.
  • What is covered in the course?

    • Why and how leading with the ‘head’ and ‘heart’ works.
    • Using mindfulness and attention training to tune into the cardiac (heart)-brain.
    • How to access the ‘wise advocate’ within for more effective decision-making.
    • The power of empathy and attending to the mental state of others.
    • The neurochemistry of trust.
    • Building rapport and trusting relationships.
    • Current research on relational energy to inspire, engage and motivate.
    • Key practices of a HeartWise Leader.
  • Should I attend?

    Suitable for supervisors and managers interested in strategies for creating trusting, positive and productive teams.

  • How will I benefit?

    Designed to help you improve self-awareness and gain an understanding of how others think, feel and behave – you will learn strategies to create trusting, positive and productive relationships.

    Drawing on research in neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology, this course will provide you with time for personal reflection and engaging, interactive activities to build personal insights and practical skills.

  • How will my organisation benefit?

    Not only will your organisation benefit from your new, enhanced leadership abilities, they’ll also benefit from a team happier with its leadership.

    Need customised training for your organisation?

    Contact our team to discuss customising this course to meet your needs.


  • AQF Equivalence, Articulation Pathways CPD Points and Certification

    • You will receive a soft copy University of Adelaide Certificate of Completion.
    • This PACE course may contribute to earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points or credit. Many professional associations accredit CPD at a standard rate of 1 hour of professional development / learning = 1 CPD point. This should be used as a guide only and confirmation should be sought from your accrediting body prior to registration in any PACE course or program.

What will I receive as part of this course?

  • Printed course book and materials (PDF copy for tablet on request)
  • Certificate of Completion and training record
  • Refreshments during the day, including a light lunch on full day courses

What should I bring to the course?

Our courses are designed to be work-related and interactive. Please bring current workplace examples related to this topic for use on the day.

What further development can I do?

We recommend Emotional Intelligence at Work.

Available course dates:

No dates for this course are currently being offered. Please register your interest for future dates by emailing pace@adelaide.edu.au